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Zitronen-Holunderblüten-Gugelhupf mit Buttermilch

13. May 2024, Caro - Werbung, Süße Schätze

Werbung /// Wie ein altes Sprichwort sagt, schreibt das Leben die schönsten Geschichten. Gebrauchte Gegenstände erzählen durch ihre kleinen Schönheitsfehler die sie im Laufe ihres Lebens erhalten haben viele Geschichten und strahlen so einen besonderen Charme aus. Geschichten und Erinnerungen stecken für mich auch in Lieblingsrezepten von meiner Großmutter, in „true vintage“-Kleidung, die ich am liebsten täglich gerne trage und alten Möbelstücken, die ich gerne auf Flohmärkten oder auf Onlineplattformen aufstöbere. Der Charme, die Geschichten und Assoziationen dahinter zu Musik, Kleidung, Ästhetik oder Kinofilmen sind wohl einer von vielen Gründen, warum ich den Vintagestil liebe und täglich lebe.

Wenn die Holunderblütensaison begonnen hat, ist es höchste Zeit einen meiner absoluten Lieblingsklassiker zu backen. Meine Großmutter hat Gugelhupf sehr gerne und in vielen Varianten gebacken. So kommt es auch nicht von ungefähr, dass der Gugelhupf für mich mit echtem „Vintagegefühl“ und Kindheitserinnerungen verbunden ist. Passenderweise habe ich diesen Gugelhupf auf einem Second Hand Möbel – einem alten Vertiko – fotografiert. So ein ähnliches stand neben den wunderschönen wenn auch schon etwas gebrauchten Stühlen im Esszimmer meiner Großmutter.

Advertisement /// As an old saying goes, life writes the most beautiful stories. Used objects tell many stories through the small blemishes they have acquired over the course of their lives and thus radiate a special charm. For me, stories and memories are also found in favorite recipes from my grandmother, in “true vintage” clothing that I love to wear every day, and old pieces of furniture that I like to find at flea markets or on online platforms look up. The charm, the stories and associations behind it with music, clothing, aesthetics or films are probably one of many reasons why I love vintage style and live it every day.

When elderflower season has begun, it's high time to bake one of my absolute favorite classics. My grandmother loved baking Bundt cakes and in many variations. So it's no coincidence that for me the Bundt Cake is associated with a real “vintage feeling” and childhood memories. Appropriately, I photographed this Bundt Cake on second hand furniture - an old Vertiko. Something similar stood next to the beautiful vintage chairs in my grandmother's dining room.

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Blood orange bundt cake with yoghurt & pistachios

08. February 2022, Caro - Süße Schätze

To celebrate the short season of the epic blood orange, I reinterpreted an orange cake recipe from my grandmother. Instead of oranges, I use blood oranges together with passion fruit. This ingenious couple conjures up absolute high spirits even on gray winter days. There is also a little bite from pistachios. And of course blood oranges should not be missing in the icing and as decoration.

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Galette des Rois

06. January 2022, Caro - Süße Schätze

I tried my first Galette des Rois when I was around 16 years old. To practice my French, I took part in a conversation class led by a French woman. The 1st meeting happened to be on January 6th. She brought a homemade Galette des Rois. As the youngest participant, I had the task of cutting this three kings cake and putting a piece on each plate. So I learned that this pastry is traditionally served at Epiphany. The specialty of this cake is that a “Fève” (a small figure made of porcelain) is hidden in the filling. Whoever finds this Fève in her/his piece of cake is called King for the day. That’s why a paper crown is part of this leafy tart.

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Lila Liaison – Gegrillte Auberginen auf 3 Arten

26. August 2021, Caro - Gathering, Werbung, Veggie's Delight

Werbung / Sommerzeit ist Grillzeit. Besonders jetzt im Spätsommer, wo die Temperaturen angenehmer sind, grillen wir besonders gerne. Dabei landet bei uns jede Menge Gemüse auf dem Grill. Die Aubergine ist hier ein ganz besonderer Liebling von uns, da sie durch das Grillen einen fantastischen, rauchigen Geschmack bekommt und ihr Fruchtfleisch besonders zart wird.

Advertisement / Summertime is barbecue time. We especially like to have a barbecue in late summer when the temperatures are more pleasant. We prefer to grill a lot of vegetables. The eggplant is a very special favourite of ours, because it gets a fantastic, smoky taste when it is grilled and its pulp becomes particularly tender.

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Elderflower & lemon Swiss roll with blackberries

24. June 2021, Caro - Beerenliebe, It's TeaTime!, Süße Schätze

Oh Boy! How I do love this time of the year! Everything is so fresh and green. The air smells amazing. This is due, among other things, to the fine scent of the delicate elderflower. As soon as these flowers bloom my heart leaps for joy. I love to use them to refine cakes, tarts and also hearty dishes. This year I made elderflower vinegar again. To do this, I simply put elderflowers in good red wine vinegar for 4 weeks. Then I filter the flowers from the vinegar. It gives salad a very special touch. Today I would like to finally share one of my absolute sweet favorite recipes with elderflower with you. The basis for this is a quickly made and eggless lemon curd. If the elderflower season is already over, you can omit the flowers if necessary. If you don’t get blackberries, this fluffy Swiss roll also tastes fantastic with raspberries.

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Espresso Macadamia Loaf

23. April 2021, Caro - Black Coffee, Süße Schätze

The recipe for this incredibly decadent loaf cake is an "isolation creation" that actually waited in the drawer for a year to be released. It was in April 2020 for the first lockdown, where restaurants and cafés were only allowed to offer food and drinks to go. On a sunny Sunday we were with Leo on our way to a playground where sweet smelling sloes were in bloom. To make the most of the whole lockdown situation, we stopped by a café on the way there. We took good cappuccino and a very juicy macadamia cake with espresso and chocolate. We enjoyed both sitting under a sloe bush while Leo played with his excavator in the sand. Then I tried to recreate this cake. I was very happy with the result, but I didn't have the time to post the recipe. After all, I didn't want to post a spring-like cake in the fall. That's why the recipe waited so long and this time I even shot a VIDEO about it. I really hope you like and enjoy this cake too!

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