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Forty-seven ginger-headed sailors

25. August 2013, Caro - A postcard from …

Forty-seven ginger-headed sailors

Now there's a good ship,
H.M.S. Cock-Robin.
On her home trip,
Up and down she's bobbin'
Oh the crew's pretty tough.
The sea is so rough.
They're all fed up and say
That they've had more than enough.

She's got a father
He's an able seaman
And they call him Redhead Tom

I wire to say I'll meet you
And with your friends I'll treat you
So who do you think I've had a message from?

Forty-seven ginger-headed sailors
Coming home across the briney sea
When the anchor's weighed
And the jouney's made
Yes they'll start the party
With a heave-ho, me-hearty

Forty-seven ginger-headed sailors
You can bet you're going to hear them when they hail us
An old maid down in Devon
Said my idea of heaven
Is forty-seven ginger-headed sailors!

Musik und Gesang: Leslie Sarony, 1929
Orchester: Jack Hylton And His Orchestra

Hier ist das Lied zu hören.

Mein 1950s-Lieblingsrock von Frozen Hibiscus kam am Meer zum absoluten Dauereinsatz und harmonierte einfach wunderbar zu den maritimen Oberteilen.

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