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Espresso Macadamia Loaf

23. April 2021, Caro - Black Coffee, Süße Schätze

The recipe for this incredibly decadent loaf cake is an "isolation creation" that actually waited in the drawer for a year to be released. It was in April 2020 for the first lockdown, where restaurants and cafés were only allowed to offer food and drinks to go. On a sunny Sunday we were with Leo on our way to a playground where sweet smelling sloes were in bloom. To make the most of the whole lockdown situation, we stopped by a café on the way there. We took good cappuccino and a very juicy macadamia cake with espresso and chocolate. We enjoyed both sitting under a sloe bush while Leo played with his excavator in the sand. Then I tried to recreate this cake. I was very happy with the result, but I didn't have the time to post the recipe. After all, I didn't want to post a spring-like cake in the fall. That's why the recipe waited so long and this time I even shot a VIDEO about it. I really hope you like and enjoy this cake too!

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Snowdrops | Poppy Seed & Plum Buns

13. February 2020, Caro - Breakfast, Black Coffee, It's TeaTime!, Süße Schätze

Little by little spring is here and there in sight. Outside the snowdrops are already sprouting and stretching their heads towards the sun. A cold wind is still blowing. That's why I love to make myself comfortable with coffee and freshly baked buns in February after a walk. I like to take an example from the Swedes and Finns, who are famous for their long coffee breaks with pastries.

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Ach, du schöne Sommerzeit | Beeren Törtchen & Affogato

21. July 2018, Caro - Werbung, Plantbased, Beerenliebe, Veggie's Delight, Black Coffee, Süße Schätze

Werbung /// Eigentlich liebe ich alle Jahreszeiten samt ihrer Köstlichkeiten. Aber die Sommerzeit ist für mich doch die schönste Jahreszeit, da ich sämtliche Beerensorten über alles liebe. Daher lasse ich momentan auch keine Gelegenheit aus, sie in vielfältiger Weise zu genießen.

Advertisement /// Actually, I love all the seasons along with their delicacies. But summertime is the most beautiful season for me because I love all kinds of berries. Therefore, I currently don’t miss an opportunity to enjoy them in many ways.

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Kaffeekränzchen mit Brownie-Gugelhupf mit Erdnussbutter-Cheesecake-Swirl

19. June 2018, Caro - Werbung, Beerenliebe, Black Coffee, Süße Schätze

Werbung /// Wenn ich Herrn Herzblut frage: „Was soll ich backen? Worauf hast du Lust?“, kommt meistens die Antwort: „Etwas mit Schokolade und Nüssen!“. Denn er liebt – egal zu welcher Jahreszeit – alles an Gebäck, was Schokolade und Nüsse enthält. Und da ich Lust auf einen Gugelhupf UND Käsekuchen hatte, habe ich einfach einen Klassiker meiner Großmutter neu interpretiert.

Advertisement /// When I ask my hubby, "What should I bake? What do you fancy?" Comes the answer: "Something with choc and nuts! ". Because he loves - no matter what the season - all bakes with chocolate and nuts. And since I was in the mood for a bundt cake AND cheese cake, I simply reinterpreted a classic of my beloved granny.

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Osterbrunch in Perlgrau

08. April 2017, Caro - Werbung, Breakfast, Sonntagsessen, Black Coffee

Werbung /// Traditionen sind dazu da, um gepflegt zu werden. Daher gibt es auch dieses Jahr wieder einen köstlichen Brunch zu Ostern im Hause Herzblut. Dieses Mal decken wir den Tisch ganz elegant in Grau. Genauer gesagt in „Perlgrau“. Perlgrau ist die neue Farbe von Le Creuset in 2017.

Advertisement /// Traditions are exist to be cultivated. This is why we do also this year a delicious brunch for Easter. This time we set the table elegantly in gray. More specifically in “Mist grey”. “Mist grey” is the new colour of Le Creuset in 2017.

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